Do you want to give your company a strong profile at a fair? We are the specialist that will make it happen for you. Our full-service organization, with 30 years of experience, facilitates development of all facets of the building process, making our communication efficient and time-sparing. Flexibility and a short turnaround are of the essence.

Our first meeting will be exploratory and informative. We look at what you want to achieve by taking part in the fair. We discuss the character of your target group of clients, your intentions with your clients and as a result, the image you want to display. We also give you a first cost estimate. If wanted, T&T Stand- and exhibition constructioncan completely install and decorate your stand. This includes graphic design and sign-posting, but also AV-installations and furnishing, carpeting and so on. T&T Stand- and exhibition constructionalso offers you the possibility of storing your stand for later re-use.

For more information or an exploratory meeting, please contact our senior sales advisor Pim van de Glind, phone +31 36 5387200.